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Many people think it is time to quit smoking for their health, but the reality is that it is difficult to actually quit smoking successfully. Electronic cigarettes can help you quit smoking. Unlike real cigarettes, e-cigarettes do not contain nicotine or tar, but they do provide the satisfaction of smoking cigarettes because they use water vapor to produce a cigarette-like smoke.

Furthermore, there are a variety of flavors from many vape manufacturers available these days, and the appeal is that you can choose your favorite flavor, from flavors that taste similar to cigarettes to sweet and fruity flavors that are popular among women. However, even if you actually decide to purchase an e-cigarette, you may be at a loss as to which product is best for you. In this issue, we will introduce a selection of the most popular e-cigarettes available today.

What is an electronic cigarette?

E-cigarettes are vaporized by electric power and are called VAPEs. They come in a variety of flavors depending on the product, and unlike heated cigarettes such as Icos, they contain no nicotine or tar. Although they do not contain nicotine or tar, the vapor they emit makes you feel as if you are smoking a cigarette, and they have become popular as an item to help people quit smoking.

Types of E-cigarettes

There are different types of electronic cigarettes. There are three main types of e-cigarettes: the most common, the "liquid refill type e-cigarette," which can be refilled with liquid; the "cartridge type e-cigarette," in which the liquid is replaced with a special cartridge; and the "disposable type e-cigarette," in which the entire body is replaced when the liquid is used up. Each type has its own advantages, and which type of product is best for you depends on your usage and preferences.

How to Choose an E-Cigarette

There are many types of vape brands on the market, but when choosing which one to use, it is important to focus on what is important to you. For example, if your goal is to quit smoking, you want a flavor that tastes similar to cigarettes and is a good smoke. In addition to the type of flavor, you may also want to choose a product based on maintenance and ease of use. Also, if you are someone who smokes a lot of e-cigarettes, price is of course important.

What do you recommend for e-cigarettes?


This stylish e-cigarette was designed by world-renowned artist Nicola Farmitti. Nicola Farmitti is the creative director of Lady Gaga and other famous fashion brands. Being half Japanese and half Italian, she produced DR.VAPE together with a long-established Japanese flavor maker.

The product has already sold 3 million units, and has been well received for its refreshing and reliable smoking experience even with zero nicotine and tar. Please check the official website for more details about the product, including the variety of flavors.

Plume S 2.0

This is a starter kit for the Plume S 2.0 heated cigarette. The Plume S 2.0 starter kit is equipped with an evolved heat mode that can lengthen the heating peak to the tobacco stick and can be switched on and off. 20 cigarettes can be used with a 60-minute charge.

Compared to its predecessor, the new model has a 25% shorter heating wait time, while the usable time has been extended by 25%, making it more convenient. In terms of refills, the 2019 model can also be used, so those who have extra refills can also use them. The product is available in a total of three colors: black, white, and silver, from which you can choose your favorite.


This product is an entry-level e-cigarette from VP Japan, Japan's first e-cigarette brand. It comes with menthol liquid and is a starter set that allows you to enjoy e-cigarettes immediately with just this product. The high-capacity battery allows you to enjoy it for a long time, and the battery life is about 300 times. You will feel as satisfied as if you are smoking a real cigarette, and it is also made in Japan.


Sticky is a cigarette that is inserted into a heated cigarette. It is a product that uses high-quality tea leaves from Wuyi Mountain in Fujian Province and achieves a nicotine content of 0 mg through a proprietary manufacturing process, and is recommended for those who want to quit smoking. The product has been used by people who have felt mouth-watering while quitting smoking and has been highly rated for its satisfaction.Although the cigarette tax has increased since 2018 and costs are a concern, Nicoreth cigarettes are a great way to have a smoke at a more economical price than regular paper cigarettes. There are two flavors available, mint and menthol, with mint being more refreshing and menthol having a more pungent taste.


This product is a starter kit for the VITAFUL e-cigarette, which is popular for its generous vapor volume and wide variety of flavors. It is an e-cigarette with a great smoking experience that makes you feel as if you are smoking a cigarette. The compact shape and stylish design are also popular. The popular flavors with great aroma are available, so you can find the flavor you like best. Recommended for those looking for an e-cigarette that is easy to use.


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